Scrum Team Names / Agile Team Names Ideas

I did some searches for “best scrum team names” and was a little disappointed.  Here is a (growing?) list.

About 1/3 are internet-copied. 2/3 of them are “originals” ***.

*** But as U2/Bono/Paul Hewson once sang :
“Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief………
All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief”


Scrummy Bears


Scrumbledore’s Army



Air Conditionals

cOver Lords


Your time is gonna Scrum

Here comes the Scrum Little Darling

Don’t Scrum Around Here No More

Scrumglasses at Night

Don’t let the Scrum Go Down On Me

The House of the Rising Scrum

Easy like ScrumDay Morning

Walking on Scrumshine

Scrum Like It Hot

ScrumDay, ScrumHow

Scrum As You Are

Scrumshine of your Love

Coverage Drop and Rolls

Scrum At Me Bro

Sweet Scrumshine

Scrum On Hear the Noise

Johnny Scrum Lately

Scrum On Eileen

The Apple Scrumpling Gang

Don’t let the Scrum Go Down on Me

Scrum Kind of Wonderful

Scrumbody That I Used To Know

Scrumdog Millionaires

Easy Scrum Easy Go

Pour Scrum Sugar On Me

Black Holed Scrum

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