SVN (Subversion) case sensitivity issue with Linux (RedHat) SVN Server and Windows Client

I had a weird subversion (svn) issue today.

Here are some clues (for future googlers).

"svn: Can’t open file" ".svn\tmp\text-base" "svn-base" "The system cannot find the file specified".
svn: Can’t open file .svn\tmp\text-base svn-base The system cannot find the file specified

After backtracking, here is what happened.

I had a file (a compiled dll) in source control.
I found out that I had a non-signed version of the dll (DotNet assembly).
I found the "signed version" of the dll.  I wanted to replace the unsigned version with the signed version.

So I replaced the existing file (in my local directory) with the signed version.

There was a slight issue with the file name.

The unsigned version was

The signed version was ~~~slightly off (case wise):

(The file names are obviously for demonstration only).

So when I overwrote MyAssembly.dll with MyAssembLY.dll, it was fine (local windows directory).
The files were "Committed to Subversion".

(FYI, You can ignore the "signed" vs "unsigned" issue I cite above if you’re having this issue…..
the issue was not
related to signed/unsigned, but rather cAsE SenSiTiviTy of the replacement file).

Ok…so I thought everything was cool.  WRONG.

The next time my continuous integration ran, I got the error message seen above.  ("svn: Can’t open file).

I mimicked the command line call ( to take the CI environment out of the equation).

"C:\Program Files\CollabNet\Subversion Client\svn.exe" checkout SomeLocalFolder –username myUserName –non-interactive –no-auth-cache

and got the same error message.

The fix?

I deleted all the files in the folder via the repository browser.  (Aka, cleared them OUT of svn).
I uploaded the signed assembly.  (I did this via "Add" and "Commit" with the local tortoise shell).

Please note this is NOT ideal, because of revision history.  I was lucky in that for this branch, history retention was not a priority.

Now the case of the files on the server (svn) matched the case of my (signed) assemblies(dll’s).

Here is the thread that gave me the clue:

Server:  CollabNet for RedHat SVN Server.  (Aka, a case sensitive environment)
Client:  CollabNet svn client for Windows.

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