MembershipProvider Helper To Transfer Data

If you’re using the MembershipProvider (actually the concrete SqlMembershipProvider), then you may have run into an issue where you develop all the Users and Roles on your local machine, using the asp_net.mdf in the Express version of Sql Server 2005.

All of the sudden, you need to deploy your application and you need a different database to store your information.
You’ll probably find this resource for deploying on a different version of Sql Server

Ok.  You run the aspnet_regsql.exe utility, and you have the correct database, but it is empty.

What do you do now?

I’ve created this helper script to enable you to move all your applications/users/roles to a new database.
This script doesn’t actually INSERT the new data, but creates the TSQL code that you can run on the new database.

I’ve posted the code here (as a text file).

Hopefully, it will make your life a little easier when you need to copy to a new database all the Membership information.

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